Whether you’re a CMO, on the path to becoming one, or want an inside look at how the most effective marketing channel in your toolkit—email—can drive the highest return on your investment (ROI), you’re in the right place.

On average, email drives an ROI of $36 for every dollar spent, higher than any other channel. In this guide, we drill down to understand how ROI is affected by the following categories:

  • Company: regulatory environment, company size, email team size, and industry
  • Email program: list size, permission practices, and email frequency
  • Testing: spam filter, preview, and A/B testing
  • Content: live & dynamic content, plus animated GIFs
  • Analytics: use of third-party tools

One insight we uncovered that might be surprising? Double opt in (DOI) no longer reigns supreme when it comes to ROI. Single opt in (SOI) programs show an 80% higher return than DOI programs. Unless regulatory compliance compels you to, the DOI best practice may be a thing of the past. Check out the guide for more insights like this one.


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